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Producent: soundboks
Soundboks 2 to przenośny głośnik Bluetooth na imprezy (122 dB głośności, wytrzymała obudowa, przeciętny czas pracy akumulatora 40 godz.)Videos:  https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=soundboks2 EXTREMELY LOUDEPIC SOUND PERFORMANCELet’s put it this way, turn it on and crowds will gather. Turn it up and watch strangers become friends instantly. Crank it right up to 11 and the neighbourhood will be dancing in the streets….does it really get any better?122 dB of supreme sound quality, block party readyBooming lows and crisp highsOptimized for indoor and outdoor useBUILT LIKE A TANKFor millions of years, parties have been limited by the durability of regular speakers, but we don’t like limits. The SOUNDBOKS 2 is designed to withstand the most extreme conditions on Earth. Want to throw a party in the Sahara? No sweat. Maybe a rave on the slopes of Mount Everest? No problem at all - there are no limits with a SOUNDBOKS 2.Apocalypse ready shockproof casingUnfazed by snow, rain, sun, humidity and extreme temperatures of -20C to +50C (-4F to 122F)15kg (33lbs) for bring-anywhere-portabilityINNOVATIVE MODULAR BATTERY SYSTEM40 HOURS OF PARTY FREEDOMWelcome to the next level of partying freedom. 40 hours of uncompromising battery life is more than a statistic, it’s a license to party till the sun rises and longer! Add an extra BATTERYBOKS 2 and watch the party go on till the last man standing.40-hour military grade batteryQuick 3.5 hour rechargeSwappable BATTERYBOKS 2 for endless partyingCUSTOM AMPLIFIERSIMPLE OUTSIDE, SMART INSIDEGetting a party going has never been more simple. At SOUNDBOKS, we have combined cutting edge acoustic technology with user-friendly simplicity for the ultimate party experience. No technicians or fiddling around required, only dancing and good times till the morning comes!Plug-n-Play Bluetooth or AUXAutomatic boost modeIndoor/Outdoor mode switchSpecification:Powerful, portable and battery powered outdoor speaker systemPower: 3 x 72 WEquipped with: 2x 10" low frequency speaker + 1x high frequency neodymium silk dome tweeterMaximum level: 122 dBIntelligent Mercus Audio Eximo Class-D amplifierAdvanced automatic filtering for achieving optimal sound at all volume levelsPsychoacoustic State-of-the-Art signal processing for extra deep bassThe automatic boost mode chooses the optimal power setting for a longer battery life depending on the volumeOff-Inside-Outside switchConnectors: Bluetooth 3.0 (up to 20 metres) or AUX input (3.5 mm stereo jack cable included)1 Rechargeable battery with LED display (included)1 Charger 110 V / 230 V (included)Charging time: 3.5 hours30 Hours of battery life at party volume (104 dB)Impact- and weather-resistantShock-resistant and weather-resistant housing in classic flight case designTemperature resistant in most climatesIntegrated pole speaker stand mountingDimensions: 660 x 430 x 320 mmWeight: 15.00 kg  'Jeśli myśleliście, że widzieliście już wszystko i nic was nie zaskoczy, to jesteście w błędzie. Soundboks 2 będzie tym, o czym nawet nie marzyliście. Ten wielkolud zrobi wrażenie na wszystkich! Zapraszam do lektury!' Przeczytaj więcej (źródło)